We would love to know how we got on. We endeavor to make your experience the best it can possibly be, for us to do this we would appreciate some feedback to work on.

Please feel free to share any experience you have had with the company, whether that is in sales, website opinions or even any personal contact you have had with us.

Dawn, Police Armed Response and Product Tester.

“Excellent, 15kg bar is perfect for my home gym and i love the weight plates. Great Communication and delivered at a time to suit me”.

Natalie, FME Competitor

“Fantastic” (In response to how she felt about the equipment and the service).

Peter, FME Competitor

“Love the plates, they look great and perform great. The barbells and platforms are also really good”.

Dent, FME Competitor

“Really good stuff, like it”.

Natalie, FME Competitor

“Fantastic” (In response to how she felt about the equipment and the service).

Natasha, FME Competitor

“love the bars and plates, a lot nicer than any others she has used”.

Kovarak, FME Competitor

“Loved the plates and platforms, BEST YET!”.

Neil, FME Competitor

“Super robust equipment. Well calibrated and well finished, loved competing with it”.

Liam, FME Competitor and Personal Trainer

“Love it, great to compete with, top quality gear and am looking to fit my entire gym with it after seeing how good it is”.

Paul, FME Competitor

“Its all great” (in response to the question, “What are your opinions of the Gear?”).

Campbell, FME Podium Finisher

“All really great, Plates look great and are good to use”.

Millie, Teens Winner at FME

“Grippy bars, all looked cool and love the dumbbells”.

Liam, FME Competitor

“Really like the plates, great to see no equipment issues in a competition as it happens too often”.

Evander, FME RX Male Winner

“Plates didn’t break, sturdy gear”.

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Phone: 07478834034