About US

We started Bay-Griting in 2016, but our roots in Turkey doors and plaster ceiling pop is over 23 years old. We have seen this industry grow, but as it grew older, we witnessed a mushroom growth of low-quality door makers selling their products at the prices of premium goods.
Our vision is of making super high-quality doors and pop available to every homeowner across Nigeria at affordable prices. We are working in partnerships with highly reputed manufacturers, traders and suppliers across the world to provide unparalleled product and service experience to everyone.

What We Do

We have just one goal: turn your house into your home with our exclusively elegant ceiling pop designs. We are doing this by giving your home a finished look with our premium quality and classy Turkey doors. We are in formal arrangements with several Turkey door manufacturers, traders, ceiling pop designers and installers to keep the price below every other similar supplier in the Nigerian market.

Our Solutions

We are committed to quality, unique designs and giving our clients an exclusive service experience that surpasses all expectations.

Ensuring highly competitive or lower prices than any of our competition that is delivering the same quality of work and finishing excellence.

Quick and productive customer service and support are always our priority. We have a dedicated sales and customer management team with one vision.

Our Products And Ordering From Us

We deliver ready to install products and if you want, we have our own technical team that will do the installation for you. The designs you see on our website are just the tip of the iceberg. You can choose from hundreds of colors and designs and select something that will truly enrich your lifestyle.
If you are looking for something specific, contact us and we will do our best to make that product available for you.

Give A New Life To Your Lifestyle With Our Unique And Modern Turkey Doors And Pop.
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Let us Hear From You

We love connecting with new people, find new clients and partners. It helps us discover new ways of helping our community and homeowners. Fill in the form below and we will update you about the latest news related to our products and what is new in the industry.


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