- About Us

One Environment Systems, a joint venture of Clalitâ„¢ Healthcare and private entrepreneurs, has developed a platform that enables patients to experience Virtual Reality during medical procedures as a mean to distract them from the ongoing treatment and to ease their pain.

OES is partly owned by Clalit, Israel’s largest health service organization. Clalit operates 14 hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals and a rehabilitation hospital, all of them university-affiliated. It also runs over 1,300 primary care clinics as well as a network of pharmacies and dental clinics.

- The Product

Customized Virtual Reality Medical Experience (“CVRME”) is a complete VR system which streams personalized VR content to patients during medical procedures.
Based on the patient’s personal preferences that are drawn from his/her social profiles and a short questionnaire that helps creating a psychological profile of the patient CVRME chooses the most relevant content to stream.
CVRME’s working hypothesis is that the more relevant the streamed content is, the better the distraction which leads to a much more effective treatment.

OES has conducted clinical study on 40 patients to test how VR affects pain and anxiety of patients before and during medical procedures. The study showed that most subjects showed a significant decrease in their anxiety level, as fully describe in the clinical study.

- Our Team


Co-Founder, Chairmen of the Board

Dr. Alexander Dukhan is a specialist in anesthesiology, with over 30 years of experience in the field of acute and chronic pain treatment. For the last 8 years Dr. Dukhan is the head of Day Surgery Department at Kaplan Medical Center.


Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Technologies

Ofer is a self-employed, autodidact and entrepreneur who has been in the computer industry for over 30 years. With experience in development of Virtual Reality Systems and software development, Ofer has lead development teams in start-ups since 1998. Ofer has been the Founder and CEO of TerraSafe Ltd. for the past 13 years and has gained professional experience in the Information Security industry and in managing companies and business ventures.


Co-Founder, Medical CTO

Dr. Shapiro is a pediatric critical care specialist who has been working in the Health Care Industry for more than 30 years and is the Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Kaplan Medical Center.
Dr. Shapiro is experienced in treating pediatric anxiety states which are related to stressful or painful medical procedures.


Co-Founder, Head of Academic Research

Dr. Adi is a senior anesthesiologist and an intensive care specialist, who has been working in anesthesia and intensive care unit for the last 25 years .At present Dr. Adi is the head of the general intensive care unit In Kaplan medical center. Dr. Adi has a broad experience in military and civilian trauma including air transport of severely injured patients.