In years past our dedication to advancements in technology within the sectors of Healthcare, Education, Home Construction, and Transportation have led to better lives for many of us throughout the World! While our quality of life gets better and better, several challenges to maintaining a clean environment continue to exponentially develop day after day. We are creating more trash than ever before and it is time to address these issues in terms of potential damage. In the United States, our successful living has created among others a better means of transportation. It is uncommon for every household to own at least 2-3 automobiles.
Now just as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), Industrial Waste, Construction Waste as well as Human Waste continue to match the population growth, we must do something to clean these both effectively, safely, and efficiently. One waste item is the auto scrap tire that is generated annually at the rate of 1 per population. (US Statistics) So with currently 323 Million people in the US we are adding to Landfills, Roadsides, Forest, Rivers, Oceans, and Backyards, 323 Million scrap tires per year! This number does not include tires from Trucks, Buses, Airplanes, Golf Carts, Bicycles, Tractors, Construction Equipment, and Mining Equipment.
The US population is 4.38% of the world population and number three behind China,

and India.The United States generates from 1.5 to 2 billion tons of organic landfill waste every year that includes the dis¬posal of 323 million used tires that clog our existing landfills. A few states in the US allow Monofill or one class of material only for their landfills. There is one state that currently has 3 Monofill landfills and 1 mixed Landfill that contains over 140 Million Whole Scrap Tires buried underground! Capacity is very tight worldwide and Greentech Recycling Solutions Inc. (“Greentech”) has the solution to recycle biomass economically across the world and convert that Biomass to both Alternative Energy sources as well as recycled materials. Not only do we process a scrap material, we also create new products, create jobs, clean our landfills, all through extremely clean and efficient means. Till now the only processing done from tires is crumbing or shredding.
Crumbing has been found to be very good for asphalt additives to enhance thickness and smooth texture to embankment fillers as well. Shredding is used as a TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) for boilers etc. where coal, or natural gas is substituted as a fuel source. Greentech offers turnkey resource recovery Refineries using a proven process that converts waste to high value commodities that have a zero-net impact on the environment. Our futuristic process design allows us to produce all utilities required to operate the Refinery including process syngas that will be used to power and heat the Refinery.