Windshield Replacement Cost Simplified


  • Most windshield replacements take about an hour.
  • ​​Every windshield installed by us is backed by our lifetime No-Leak guarantee.​​
  • FREE mobile service to your location.​
  • We transfer your registration sticker to the new glass​.
  • Cash & all major credit cards welcome
  • No hidden charges
  • Our qualified team brings their experience and know-how to every job.

Windshield Replacement Installation Process

Step 1

Pre-inspection and Removal

Pre-inspection is one of the most important steps in a successful installation. The experienced technician not only looks at the inspection as creating a level playing field, but also as an indication of how the installation is to proceed. The removal step of the installation procedure has always been the most difficult part. Once that is accomplished the rest is easy

Step 2

Preparation & Installation

Preparation includes the two surfaces to be bonded, the glass and the metal pinchweld. Improperly preparing the surfaces can mean the failure of the bond. Installation consists of the application of the urethane, the setting of the glass in the opening and the installation of the decorative moldings and cowl.

Step 3

Clean-up & Post-Inspection

One way to make this step easier is to be as neat as possible throughout the process of installation.
Check for any left behind tools.
Make sure all parts are installed properly. At the post-inspection step the technician will make a critical inspection of their work, paperwork, and customer instructions.

Windshield Replacement Cost Simplified

We thank you for putting your trust in us. We are here to help you with all your windshield replacement needs.

Our goal is to provide you with a solid out of the door windshield replacement price that will not break the bank.

​The cost of using Source Auto Glass Dallas windshield replacement services is actually more reasonable than you expected. The cost typically is less than $200. Although, some windshields can cost well over a thousand. The windshield replacement price it’s determined by the vehicle model, and the features or sensors added to the windshield.

Would you like an accurate windshield replacement quote?

In order to provide you with get the very best windshield replacement quote we need some information about your vehicle.

  1. ​Zip code or city where the vehicle will be serviced.
  2. Year, make, and model of the vehicle
  3. Windshield added features or sensors

For your convenience and privacy no personal information will be asked until is time to schedule your appointment.

Not sure about windshield added features. No worries!

Please text or email us a picture of the following areas for an accurate windshield replacement quote. Also, to reassure we bring the right glass the first time.

  1. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  2. Windshield 3rd visor area (Outside windshield upper center area)
  3. Rearview mirror aresa

(samples below)

Picture 1.


The Vehicle Identification Number (aka. VIN) is commonly found at the drivers bottom corner side of the windshield. Or in most models could, also be found around the drivers door or chassis area.

Picture 2.

The 3rd Visor

This area of the windshield is where all the brackets for your vehicle additional features or sensors such as rain sensor or Lane Departure Warning System are mounted. With the help of a clear picture of this area we will be able to identify your windshield replacement in no time.
This area is located at the upper-center part of your windshield.

Picture 3.

The Rearview Mirror

The area around the rearview mirror is where you could find the humidity sensor, condensation system, or perhaps the On-star bracket.

Hope you like simple. We do too!


Yes! Mobile auto glass service to your preferred location.

​Yes! We’ll transfer the registration sticker to the new glass. Tolltags and other stickers as well.

​Yes! Every installation is backed up by our lifetime warranty

​Yes! Cash or credit welcome

​Yes! Free year of in-shop rock chip repair.

​Yes! You’ll get a receipt.

Do's & Don't

Remove blue tape on each side of the windshield within 24hrs

​Avoid power washing vehicle for 48hrs

​Crack windows open an inch after repair

​Don’t drive over 70 miles within the 2 hours after windshield replacement

​Do have a great day.

"I found out about Source Auto Glass with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate. They were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment we got started."

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