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We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, and we can fix properties that seem beyond
repair. With modern equipment and skilled personnel, we bring order to chaos quickly.

You can rely on our licensed professionals to help you with restoration in X. We deal with damage from natural disasters, fires, water leaks and can spot molds in your walls.

Our goal is to restore your home or commercial property to its original condition. We always deliver the highest quality and communicate attentively with our customers throughout the entire
process. We know how to ask the right questions to get the job done.

Call us when you need help with restoration in X or if you have questions about a specific type of damage or repair

Water Damage Restoration

Water has the ability to sustain life or destroy property. In an instant, water can send thousands of dollars down the drain. Water damage is the second most frequently filed homeowner’s insurance claim in the United States with almost 2.8 million filed last year alone. Leaks cause an average of 14% of water loss in a home, and 40% of all homeowners have reported a loss due to water damage. From leaky pipes to hurricanes, water shows no mercy to your home or property. We at Pro Serv know that speed, quality and state-of-the-art equipment are absolutely vital for the health of your family and the value of your property. With our branch in X, as well as our extensive experience and expertise, you can feel assured that you are in good hands 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our professionals understand how difficult it is for you, and their patience and compassion make working with them a relief. Every step of the way you’ll know what’s happening and why. At Pro Serv you know what to expect and how it’s to be done, with the utmost respect and care for you and your property.

Commercial Restoration Services

Leaving commercial property closed due to damage caused by a natural disaster or accident is a sure way to lose money. We offer commercial restoration services in X, and we come with the experience and skill needed restore your property to its former glory.If you are running a business on damaged property, this could lead to monetary losses and even pose a danger to employees and clients. When your clients visit your property, will they pay attention to your products and services or will they wonder if it is safe to stay for long? We have the training and the equipment needed to turn the damaged property back to its original condition. We will promptly reach you in X with the commercial restoration services that you need.Let us help you create the proper business atmosphere by repairing and restoring your property to its original health. Many of our clients say our restoration improves the property, and that is the best feedback we could ever want to hear.

Content Restoration

When disaster strikes your home, it’s not just the roof, walls and floors that need restoration. After the health and well-being of your family, the items inside your home also have great value and meaning. Your favorite armchair, your children’s stuffed animals or your grandparents’ wedding picture are all priceless possessions. Our professional technicians don’t see just an old burnt chair, a water-logged teddy bear or a warped frame with a black and white picture of some young couple. We understand that every item in your house has a story, and everything possible should be done to restore your possessions to their original beauty.We offer content restoration in X with the aim of restoring everything that we possibly can. Don’t give up on that precious item until you’ve talked the situation over with us! Chances are, we’ve restored a similar object, and we can do it again! We are available right here in X, and will promptly help you move things out of the damaged structure and carefully pack smaller items so nothing gets ruined in the process. The sooner you call us, the faster we can start saving the things
that mean the most to you!

Fire Damage and Restoration

Fire is no laughing matter. In 2014, American fire departments responded to a fire every 24 seconds. Almost 50% of residential fires are caused by cooking, and 31.7% of fires occur in residential properties. It’s staggering how much money goes up in smoke each year. In 2013 alone, there was $11.5 billion in recorded losses caused by fire.We are also alarmed each time we get a call for fire damage and restoration in X, because we understand how much anguish this kind of disaster creates. Damage from even the smallest particle of smoke can be found not only on the surface, but its effects can also seep inside almost anything in your home or office, even through glass. With our prompt, professional treatment, you can prevent lasting damage such as discoloration and residual odor caused by smoke.We are located right here in X, and we use cutting-edge equipment and the latest methods, including an ozone generator, to purify the air and thermal foggers to remove smoke and neutralize chemicals that have penetrated the surfaces of your home or office.Every surface is treated, inside and out, according to the highest standards. In other words, you can breathe easy when Pro Serv is there to help you out.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are an intrinsic part of fire protection systems and can make the difference between a house burnt to the ground and a fire extinguished promptly without causing damage. But a fire sprinkler must work as it should in order to do the job when you need to rely on it. Let us help you with fire sprinklers in X, and you can rest assured that your warehouse, office space or house is well-protected.Sprinklers, like everything else, can wear out, and periodically, it is important to check that all units are working as they should. At Pro Serv, we are ready to have a look at existing systems to see if they need improvement or if they should be upgraded with better equipment. On many occasions, we install the fire sprinkler system as part of our restoration work to better protect property against future disasters. It is smart to install this system before disaster strikes!Contact us today to learn more about fire sprinklers for homes and commercial properties in X!


Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold build-up isn’t just unpleasant to look at, it’s a health hazard for you and your family. Mold can cause various symptoms, such as nasal stuffiness,wheezing and irritation for your eyes or skin. In some severe cases, people develop serious allergies from mold. In 2004, the National Academy of Medicine found significant evidence that linked indoor exposure to mold with
upper respiratory tract symptoms. When you call us about mold in X, we take it very seriously, and we do our utmost to find the source and completely rid your home or commercial property of this hazard.Mold is likely to occur because of excess water. This can result from leaky pipes or a flower vase that has been knocked over. If the water is not completely cleaned up and dried, invisible mold can reproduce and release very small spores into the air until they find a moist surface to grow on. Our trained technicians in X are certified in mold containment and removal. We have the knowledge and the skills to prevent cross-contamination to other areas of your home or office, as well as outlying areas. We use hi-tech industrial-grade filtering equipment to “scrub” the air while keeping the affected area contained. In more serious cases, we can call in a certified hygienist, and tests are done and sent to a lab before and after treatment. Only when the area is certified as clean will any reconstruction begin.

Repair and Reconstruction

When does damaged property call for repair and when is complete reconstruction needed? If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure what needs to be done, you have reached the right crew. We offer repair and reconstruction in X, and we have the solution that is appropriate for each situation.To determine whether a basic repair will be enough, we consider things like:

Durability of repaired materials
Together we look at possible solutions so that your property will get the right type of repair and/or reconstruction. We never start a job until we agree with clients on the necessary procedures, and you will always be updated on our working schedule and methods.Whether a total reconstruction in X is needed, or a smaller repair will do, we always strive for the highest quality and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and relief. We are here when you need us, and are happy to visit you promptly and give you a thorough evaluation of your damaged property.

Storm and Disaster Damage Restoration

There are things we can control. It is always a good idea to be scrupulously careful with fire and water, but when it comes to severe weather, it is not always possible to prevent property damage. Storms and disasters hit unexpectedly, and when they do, we are ready to help you get back to normal quickly with our professional restoration services. Here at Pro Serv, we have the experience and the skills necessary to respond quickly and the right methods to salvage as much of your property and possessions as possible. You might be surprised to learn that something that looks completely ruined can actually be restored. Let us have a look before you rule it out!
Whether you have a flooded basement, a hole in the roof from a fallen tree, or damage from an electrical fire, we will help you with storm and disaster damage restoration in X. We will always do our best to get your house and its contents back to normal again as soon as possible.